Jardin du ministère de la culture

Paris, france

Jardin du ministère de la culture

Paris, france


Taking up again the idea of composing a woodland area out of successive strata, the Minister of Culture's second garden came to fruition gradually.

In the winter of 2009, the Minister's courtyard was equipped with an interior garden, set in place temporarily while the definitive garden was designed. The reorganization of the courtyard, with new access points, and with the establishment of a provisional plant nursery, served in reinventing this communal space in the short term straight away.

In the spring of 2011, the definitive arrangement of the garden and its components was introduced. In line with the idea of transforming the garden gradually over time, the materials already set in place for the temporary garden were reused: birch trees, ferns, gravel, topsoils. The range of plants used is broadened to include the greatest diversity possible with the aim of creating a sort of miniaturized forest, adapting it to the small surface area available.

In the compositional work of design, trees of different sizes, shrubs, herbaceous plants, ferns, were all chosen and acclimated in complement with each other. Transposition of a living environment, the wide range of plants creates a rich and complex experience, producing a wide range of sensations.

Insofar as it illustrates the possibilities of an immediate transformation of an urban site with economical and sustainable means, this small project constitutes a prototype, demonstrating as well how such projects can develop thereafter within restricted circumstances.   

2009 to 2011
Gardens, Cultural

Ministère de la Culture 

Project Team:

Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
Francis Soler, Architect


1000 m² (0,2 acres)