Marseille Chaîne des parcs

Marseille, France

Marseille Chaîne des parcs

Marseille, France


In line with the renovation of the Old Port, the chain of parks provides a communal and contemporary landscape vision. Of a similar surface area as that of the port, the chain works in recomposing the greater Marseille landscape and its maritime facade through a gradual acquisition of all the various places linking the city to the sea in a continual promenade.

Made up out of a diverse number of landscape spaces running alongside the coast, the chain of parks seeks to restore balance to a city center coastline until today exclusively mineral, providing residents and users more natural places and a more intimate scale.

The chain of parks is a continuous trail along the coast, running from Fort Saint-Jean to Catalans Square, connecting spaces of various status, ownership, positioning, function. Some will remain as they are, some will be restored, and some remain to be created.  This progression of spaces, attached to the existing city, finds many natural extensions within the urban structure.

New semi-pedestrian paths are to be set up in order to provide access to the entirety of the chain in a uniform way. To the diversity of spaces that make it up there corresponds a diversity in its plantings. Lawns, groves, large trees, mountainous areas, garrigue scrubland come one after the other. The different parks serve as a support, facilitating the organization of new activities in the area, whether they be nautical, cultural, or recreational.

2012 to 2014
Territories, Parks, Public spaces

MPM / Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhône

Project Team:

MDP Michel Desvigne Paysagiste (lead consultant)


30 ha (74 acres)