Nouveau Saint Roch

Montpellier, France

Nouveau Saint Roch

Montpellier, France


Bordered by the bridges Pont de Lattes to the north and Pont de Leyris to the south, the Nouveau Saint Roch neighborhood emerging from an urban development zone (ZAC in France) unfolds across the abandoned plots of an old freight station, in direct proximity with the principal Montpellier train station.

Running alongside the railway tracks, an inverted embankment and a number of office buildings create an efficient barrier to the noise pollution generated by the trains. These structures allow for the construction of a ring of housing complexes opening up on René Dumont Park.

At the heart of the intervention, the park is made up of a six thousand square meter green expanse, punctuated by masses of trees whose dimensions match the neighborhood's tall buildings. These plantings are composed with thicker edges to give visitors the illusion of a vast forest landscape. They also organize the expanse, multiplying the views onto the city by sculpting it into three large clearing – an irrigated lawn, a dry plain, and a wet meadow.

Following upon Planchon Square and Clémenceau Park, René Dumont Park provides another urban breathing space for the city. Running north to south the park, in its permeability, succeeds in creating the link essential between the emerging neighborhood and the existing urban fabric.        

2003 to 2014
Urban strategies, Public spaces

SERM for the city of Montpellier

Project Team:

Michel Desvigne, Paysagiste
Alexandre Chemetov, Architect
Technivert, Consultant


1,3 ha (3,2 acres)