PARIS, Morland Mixité Capitale


PARIS, Morland Mixité Capitale



The Morland building has one of the most beautiful views of Paris. Fifty meters high and located on the banks of the Seine, it presents an unparalleled panorama on the historical center of the city and well beyond. Situated between the Ile Saint-Louis and the Marais neighborhood, it benefits from its exceptional position and visibility. These characteristics make of it a leading site within the “Reinvent Paris” project's call for submissions.

Located on the ground floor, three inner courtyards compose a densely planted landscape, surrounded by mineral terraces and traversed by more informal pathways. The landscape is both circumscribed within the interior of the building and positioned as an extension of public space. Due to the reduced amount of sunshine of the built environment, we propose to transpose here a miniature forest made up plant varieties adaptable to the specific circumstances. Trees of varying size, bushes, herbaceous plants, ferns are all chosen in conjunction with one another and made the object of a work of composition and acclimation.

Partially accessible by residents, numerous terraced roofs benefit from the presence of much sunshine and exceptional orientation. They offer great visibility and impregnable views of the surrounding Parisian landscape. 

Whether accessible or not, the higher terraced roofs allow for the addition of spatial innovations and new functions: in particular, a system of vertical plant cultivation (2300 square meter surface of vertical plant cultivation distributed over just 590 square meters of ground, composed of over 150 plant varieties), and the development of organic cultivation methods (bio-filtration of gray waters serving the vertical cultivation areas). In parallel, by means of their orientation and arrangement, the ornamental gardens create particular places for visitors.

The intermediate terraced roofs, which will remain inaccessible, will be planted with simple flower-covered green expanses. The integration of the technical facilities into the building will be realized so as to conceal them and lessen their visual impact.

At the point where the three building bodies come together, an agricultural greenhouse will house a garden of fruit and citrus vines supported by cables. The cables are interspersed with brackets so as to help with the coiling and winding of the plants, while also being attached to water tubes equipped with hydrating misters. The citrus fruit are planted in the center of the greenhouse in removable bins.          

2016 to 2020

Emerige, Société Parisienne du Nouvel Arsenal

Project Team:

MDP Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
David Chipperfield Architects (Lead consultant)
Somete, Bollinger & Grohmann
Bollinger & Grohmann


8379 m² (2 acres)