Tennis de Cannes

Cannes, France

Tennis de Cannes

Cannes, France


The creation of tennis courts along the slopes of the Siange valley is part of a vast project for the transformation of the wider landscape: between the sporting area, a sprawling cemetery, and the rehabilitated garden of the Louque Villa, there extends a spacious wooded area that renders the outline of the hills legible and continuous. This geographical dimension of the site seemed to us extremely important: the tennis courts blend into the slopes smoothly and discreetly, preserving the unity and density of the wooded area.

Respect for the larger landscape is the basis of our project. The sporting platforms are conceived of in such a way as to free up a number of interstitial spaces where large amounts of vegetation can be planted, literally submerging the courts within the vegetation. The result is not a series of tennis courts and a garden, but tennis courts within a garden.

The garden is thus designed unusually, in a kind of network, branching out between the numerous platforms, so that each separate terrain of the larger whole is itself buried within the garden, while creating a number of promenades between these separate terrains.

This choice required a very precise and prudent modeling of the ground in order to create the largest interstices possible. The topography was designed in a manner to limit as much as possible the necessity of retaining walls. We favored instead the formation of wide banks and long ramps conducive to both plantings and promenades.

This is an approach which takes as its reference agricultural practices. The economy of means often dictates how the terraced stone walls and ramps that lead up to such sites are organized.

2006 to 2009

City of Cannes

Project Team:

MDP Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
Comte et Vollenweider, architects


2,5 ha (6,1 acres)