Argenteuil, Avenue Gabriel Péri


Argenteuil, Avenue Gabriel Péri



A major Argenteuil thoroughfare, reimagined as a green landmark

Balancing coherent, lush greenery with the dynamic activity of Avenue Gabriel Peri lies at the heart of our project.

Avenue Gabriel Peri is an iconic, key thoroughfare in Argenteuil. Serving as both the gateway into the city and the regional junction between Greater Paris and Val d’Oise, this boulevard connects businesses, community facilities, and homes.

With its sizable width and linear path extending from the banks of the Seine, this roadway presents the perfect opportunity to expand public spaces and create robust, lush, and organized greenery – the Canopy

Our project is heavily influenced by Commonwealth Avenue in Boston, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted at the end of the 19th century. In harmony with the needs of the roadway, trees of varying size and species are planted in a simple layout, creating a rich tapestry of texture and color.

The varied species of large trees lining the avenue and buildings produce leaves that change color with the seasons, forming a living landscape.

The circular tree beds are densely planted with shrub and herb layers, creating vistas of lush vegetation down the avenue for pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists alike.

All along the avenue, the linear Canopy spills over into new, adjoining public spaces. These new spaces are enriched with amplified versions of the avenue’s circular tree beds, forming groves of biodiversity that range from micro-forest to groupings of two or three striking trees.

Comfortable and resilient public spaces, perfectly tailored to the needs of the downtown area, fan out beneath the foliage of this reimagined, lush landscape. Multiple seating areas enable pedestrians to enjoy these slowed-down, coherent, and adaptable public spaces.

Sous les frondaisons de ce nouveau paysage végétal foisonnant, se déployent des espaces publics confortables et résilients accueillant tous les usages d’un centre ville. De nombreuses assises permettent aux piétons de profiter de ces espaces publics apaisés, lisibles et facilement appropriables.

2023 to 2028
Public spaces

Ville d’Argenteuil


Project Team:

MDP Michel Desvigne Paysagiste
Les éclaireurs


3,7 ha (36 910 m²)