Paris, ZAC Gare des Mines Fillettes


Paris, ZAC Gare des Mines Fillettes



Our work in the Gare des Mines Fillettes urban development zone (ZAC) combines two projects: renewing the neighborhood’s urban design plan, and designing the site of the Adidas Arena, a large facility to be used for the 2024 Olympic Games.

Located between the Porte de la Chapelle and the Porte d’Aubervilliers, the ZAC stretches across 20 hectares on either side of the Boulevard Périphérique, the Paris ring road. In the north, the area includes former rail yards and the Valentin Abeille public housing development; in the south, the Charles Hermite public housing development and multiple sports fields.

This big, budding neighborhood in Paris is situated at the heart of a large urban area experiencing significant transformation. In its current state, the neighborhood is hemmed in, isolated by the infrastructure that runs along it and cuts through it. Our projects aim to open the area up to the surrounding city, adding it to the extensive network of nearby green spaces including the Parc de la Villette, the Canal Saint-Denis, the future park in the Chapelle Charbon neighborhood, and the Bassin (canal) d’Aubervilliers.

The neighborhood is framed with foliage: the rows of trees lining the Boulevard des Maréchaux and their sparser counterparts along the ring road. Our work amplifies this greenery, forming an ensemble of wooded landscapes. Our redesign of the built environment includes a large, unified, open space comprising multiple playing fields and new landscaping.

A green, wooded corridor is planted along the ring road, in line with long-term urban development goals. Serving first and foremost as a noise barrier, this canopy of trees will develop and flourish as traffic is progressively reduced. The neighborhood’s main community spaces are connected via a wide promenade and several smaller pathways, all densely planted with trees and vegetation. The Charles Hermite public housing development is patterned with open courtyards and groupings of trees. Two gardens are designed in tandem: in the Square Charles Hermite and next to the Adidas Arena.

Development of the Adidas Arena site jump-starts the transformation of the surrounding La Chapelle neighborhood, helping the area move towards landscaping, sustainability, and urban development goals. The site is dotted with pine trees, offering dappled shade and vibrant greenery throughout the year. Its paving stone surface echoes the streets of Paris and features grass joints in calmer areas, optimizing permeability. The site is the first of many green spaces to be planted in this budding neighborhood, creating cool oases throughout the area.

2019 to 2026
Urban strategies, Parks, Public spaces

SPL Paris & Métropole aménagement

Project Team:

Michel Desvigne Paysagiste (mandataire)
Une Fabrique de la Ville
Urban Eco


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